J Kavana

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Oz looked after me for three months, in which time my general fitness increased remarkably and a total of 3 stone was lost along the way. Through a mixture of …

E Aylward

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…u keep coming back. Not just physical benefits but mental wellness and lifestyle upgrades. Book now for a positive change!

G Green

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Oz is a very experienced trainer with his background of being a rugby pro. He has a wicked sense of humour. I have a disability with recent shoulder injury …

Deborah Dixon

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When I met Oz I was struggling with serious health issues and had previously been very fit and a triathlete. He helped me regain my fitness and coached me with the psychology around accepting my new limitations. Oz is not just any fitness coach – he has an amazing talent at getting you to the best you can be!

Mike Beard

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Working with Oz is an original, entertaining and ‘bespoke’ personal training experience. The knowledge and expertise he draws upon from years of participating in professional sport are applied effectively (and with humour) to create quality time in the gym. Put the effort in, and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

C Pymm

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Started seeing him before 2014/15 season and after a lot of hard work it was no surprise I started the season well and received a call up to England and I owe a lot of that too the hard work of oz, as he pushed me and gave me great sessions along with great advice, Not only a great trainer … Read More

Dr Louise Shanahan

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Personal Training Exeter

I have trained with Oz for almost a year and he has motivated me beyond anything I realised was possible, from nutrition to sleep to karma!! He has boundless energy, enthusiasm and happiness and I defy anybody to leave a session of his without feeling good. His encouragement is constant and his belief in me has enabled me to achieve … Read More


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I can’t say enough how much I loved my sessions with Oz, and I miss them so much. My goodness he worked me hard, but I loved every second of it, and if I ever needed to find something to give me that little bit of motivation, Ozy was there. Coming back from an injury, I was probably at my … Read More

S Holding

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Oz has changed my life. When we first met my mobility and balance were poor. Oz has trained and supported me to a level of fitness that enables me to chase after and keep up with my young daughter. Oz has given me confidence and self esteem regarding exercise which I never had before!